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Breakfast Service
Our Hotel is serving on bed and breakfast basis. Groups can choose bed and breakfast services at additional cost.

The restaurant is serving to the groups and special occasions if requested.

Gemikonağı Area
This village is after Yeşilyurt and within the borders of Lefke and Güzelyurt. Places to see are; Ruins of the Cengiz Topels crashed plane in the park near the seaside before the village, CMC Copper Mine remains, Lefke European University(LAÜ) Campus

Europan University of Lefke
LAÜ is a town university with a campus in this area. This are is less expensive than other parts of the island which makes it preferable for students. LAÜ Diplomas are accepted by US and EU universities.

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Soli Ruins and Amphitheatre
Soli ruins are part of antique Soli City at the coast. Name of the city has comes from philosopher Solon from Athens. Soli together with other kingdoms has fought against Persian armies and has been defeated and gone under Persian rule in 498 BC.

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Vuni Palace
This Palace was built by Persian sympathizer king Daxandros of Marion in 5th Century for the control of settling areas believed to be Greek supporters..

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Aqua Ducts
Aqua ducts built by Ottomans to run the water mills which made Lefke with its fertile fields extending to the sea one of the grain production centers on the island....

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Pir Pasha Mosque and Monument Plane
Cyprus was in the hands of Bizantines for 789 years. The church was built during this era ,the exact date when it was built is not known. In 7th Century Arab sea forces formed and these forces raided the island 24 times until 963....

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Lefke Orange Orchards
Lefke is famous with its oranges. This type of oranges have a unique and better taste than other varieties. Orange orchards are on both sides of the river beds and surrounds the town together with Palm Dates and walnut trees. Lefke is also famous with PalmDates and walnuts.

Palm Dates Orchards
Palm Dates are scattered all around the town and give beautiful view to Lefke. Palm Dates are planted by ancient Egyptians to make carrier bags for copper ore during copper production .

Government Buildings
Situated at the center of the town where the post office,t tax office,court and other government offices take place in this historical building.

The Coronation
Built by the British a monument for the coronation of king George VI

Aqua Cento 
Dating back to 15-16th Century this fountain was built at the time when Cyprus was ruled by Italians Situated in the east part of the town, between Lefke River and Laguna Mountain skirts . This fountain was discovered by a Venation King called Cento and was named as Aqua de Cento. In Turkish people call this fountain Acendu Çeşmesi. For more information...

Old Ottoman Houses 
In Lefke on the main road between Orta Mosque and Yukarı Mosque there are several old Ottoman Houses. In total there are34 listed buildings, mosques, churches, aqua ducts ,cemeteries. ...

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Şeyh Nazım Dergah 
Seyh Nazım the Sufi Leader has a dergah in Lefke visited by Sufis from all around the world....


Artificial Gemikonağı Lake and CMC baths
Once where the CMC Baths are now there is a artificial lake. CMC Baths are under the water but the building roofs are above water level in the summer when when water runs out the whole building becomes visible....

CMC Golf Club
Cyprus Mediterranean Coast Golf Club is in Yeşilyurt –Lefke between the road to Lefke and the coast surrounding the Cengiz Topel Hospital. The area has spectacular view of Beşparmak

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