Fadil Nekipzade Street No 22 / Lefke / Cyprus, Mersin 10-Turkey - Site Language: tr   en
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Our hotel is situated in this lovely and peaceful town where you will find comfort.




Under the organization of Lefke Tourism Society every year 2 Festivals take place at the town Centre. In the first week of November the town celebrates The Dates Festival and In the first week of January The Walnut Festival.



Welcome to our hotel!

Welcome to the official web site of Lefke Gardens Hotel
Our Hotel is situated in Authentic Town of Lefke. The short story of the hotel is as follows. The age of the hotel building is said at around the same year as the neighbouring building which is 1890. On the front door the date shows 1923 in old Turkish which is believed the date of servise. The hotel is listed as historical building. The building has stone walls on the ground floor and the first floor is built with mud bricks and plastered with local gipsium produced in place. The building is purchased in 1999 by the present owners and restored and opened to service.